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Global Warming -Destruction -Or Green World ('Wooly Hat') Propaganda?


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International Destruction: Rush to Claim Arctic Oil, Gas, & Unknown Resources –Tensions Mount!

On Monday 9th January 2014 the Canadian foreign minister said that the country intended to lay claim to the North- Edward Struzik RT News: ‘’Global warming is essentially melting the sea ice very quickly and creating shipping shortcuts to European and Asian’’ ‘’ it’s also opening up resources that had been impossible to get at this point. So the future of the world economy is dependent to some extent ‘’- RT: Is there a danger of an escalation in tensions if decisions about the Arctic are left to countries that want to exploit it for its resources?  -Global Warming Must Now Be Undisputed-But Still Not By Monopolized Media! Short-term profits trump survival: Washington and the Oil Industry Know the (Weblog) -Green World:

Climate Change-Not on Our TV’s: The television (mass market globalized media news) has not in any of its main reports. Or any seem by this reported eve mentioned –a change in the weather and certainly has not even considered that ‘global warming’ or the use of fossilized fuels over such a long period worthy of investigating or reporting. Our weather is changing and the media NOW needs to ask WHY?

The UN Intergovernmental Panel Climate Change-Report in 2007- Severn years on And it is All Under the Media Carpet:

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change-Report in Paris on Friday entitled Climate Change 2007 in which 2,500 scientists from 130 countries unequivocally state that the current trend towards Potentially Catastrophic Global Warming

The IPCC report highlights a number of consequences of climate change including: *warmer days and fewer cold ones; *More heat waves; *Increasingly intense tropical storms and hurricanes; and *Higher sea levels.

“The sea level is rising worldwide, and that’s going to have an immediate impact on New Orleans,” said Tulane University geoscientist Torbjorn Tornqvist. “It’s all related to global warming. That’s what’s happening.”

“We’ve seen in the past century, sea level is rising four times faster than in the preceding 1,000 years. We have to push harder than anyone else in the United States to reverse the problem of global warming because we are facing that problem here first.”

Opinion: There can be no doubt but the oil industry seems to controls the media and possibly some scientist. The world economy is now very much based on the price/prouction of oil: Are we know pasted the point of no return?  –See links below: Spirit Communications?

 Sea Ice Melt & Media Coverage in 2009| Climate change: melting ice will trigger wave of natural disasters | The ice is not melting, yet still the scaremongers |  |Spirit Communications |Doom Awaits? Communications? | 

Global Control

State Sponsored Terror - AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM  - The way of the world? David Ike.  -   Jack Blood Check it   -  Alex Jones and the new world order.

Freeman 'the intelligent hippie'. The esoteric, conspiracy and new world order expert, his videos are not exactly what you might call 'polished' but his content is fantastic.: 'the truth is out there' Freeman Videos:

The hidden history that connects the trilateral commission the freemasons and the great pyramids. Rule by Secrecy:  -  The Synagogue of Satan - 

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